Luna Farm

About Luna Farm

Luna Farm, in North Reading, is a five-acre farm with four and a half acres in vegetable production.  Luna Farm is in its second year of production.  It is committed to growing with sustainable practices, which includes cover cropping, crop rotation and organic fertilizers like compost and manure.  In addition to managing a 50 member CSA in 2009, Luna Farm also sold weekly into a local Co-op that supports emerging farmers, held a Farmer's Market in North Reading, and donated to a local organization that works with new, at-risk mothers.
The mission of Luna Farm is to protect food access and promote food security within the greater Boston area.

In 2010 the CSA will grow to 75 members and will continue to serve the North Reading and Cambridge/Somerville areas.  We will also attend a weekly Farmer's Market at Ryer's Store in North Reading on Saturdays from July-September.